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Please remember that the generators are very limiting, and one shouldn't rely on them too heavily (e.g. the animal generator cannot possibly generate every species of animal in the world, since there are too many). Prizes are subject to availability in the shops and the bank.

Random gender (of 2 genders):
Random power (of 130 powers, value up to 2,000$):
Random trait (of 38 traits, value up to 2,000$):
Random defect (of 13 defects):
Random psychological disorder (of 51 disorders):
Random genetic disorder (of 18 disorders):
Random animal (of 119 species):
Random animal category (of 5 categories):
Random biome (of 14 biomes):
Random prize (of 70 prizes):
Random Santa Sack prize (of 16 prizes):
Random Fireworks Crate (of 14 prizes):

Generating random points
Min value: 1
Max value:

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