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version fourteen: the hollow crown

Who will you believe?

By Order of King Mordred,

Tristan, son of Arthur, formally crown prince of Shaman is hereby outlawed for regicide.
Those aiding in his escape from the Crown's justice are hereby outlawed. Anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts who fails to report to the Crown will be considered equally guilty in the murder of King Arthur.

In the wake of The Battle of the Peaks, pirates invaded the Castle and freed their brethren from the dungeons, and overran the Palace. Prince Tristan took advantage of this distraction and murdered his father, the king, in cold blood. He then made his escape. He was seen fleeing the scene of the crime with blood on his hands and shirt. Witnesses testify that the King and Prince had been heard to argue on multiple occasion throughout the day of the crime.

It is on these grounds, and because he has failed to present himself before a court of law for justice, that he has been adjudged guilty of these crimes. He is henceforth stripped of all rights and titles and is removed from the line of succession.

May he be brought to justice, and may Shaman know the peace and prosperity it deserves.

Tristan, rightful King of Shaman, hereby condemns the usurper and murderer Mordred.

The King in the Forest encourages all loyal subjects of Shaman to resist the rule of Mordred and his pirate allies. He calls on you, in memory of his beloved father, King Arthur, to help him reclaim his birthright and to restore justice, opportunity and and fair-handedness to Shaman.

During the Battle of the Peaks, while King Arthur and myself fought the pirates and defended Shaman's citizens the best we could, Mordred, my father's half-brother, hid pirates and criminals in my father's castle. Concealed by invisibility, Mordred waited until the king was separated from the guard and the proceeded to murder him. My father saved my life as my Uncle turned his blade on me. If not for the Captain of the Alliance, Mace, extracting me from the castle, I believe I would now be dead by my Uncle's hand.

To my lasting grief, I have now been blamed for my father's death. I am not responsible, and I am not gone. I, Tristan, the Rightful King of Shaman, have not abandoned you. Those who wish to join me should make themselves known in the Kingswood. I will find you - and together we will seek justice.

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