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"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets."
- Matthew (ch. VII, v. 12)

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If you have a problem at all, please do not hesitate to contact one of the above persons.

terms of use
Please be aware that Shaman, its parents and its affiliates (henceforth referred to as "we") are not to be held responsible for any themes or material which users or visitors may encounter or for any copyright (or other) laws which users or visitors may be in breach of while accessing and/or using Shaman. "Using" is defined as any form of interaction with the site, its parents or its affiliates, including but not limited to posting on the boards, using the chat box and reading the webpages. Users or visitors may share personal details at their own risk.

Site rules and terms of use can be updated or modified at any time without notice.

We also bear no responsibility for any addictive behaviour exhibited by players. Sorry.

a note on loopholes
The rules on this site are fairly loose, but it should be the intention of every player to follow them correctly, not try to find their way around them. We don't sit well with "well, it technically isn't a rule so you can't punish me" here. Moderators and administrators will follow their own consciences and moral codes when dealing with problems to ensure the best outcome for the biggest number of people, not necessarily the most "game-legal" outcome.

If you have a problem with anything or anyone on the site, bring it to the attention of any member of staff.

I. You cannot join the following:
• A character which is not a fairy.
• A character which is or was once an original fairy, a god or a divine/omnipotent being.
• A character who is the child of or in any other way closely related to an original fairy/divine/god/omnipotent being.
• With a mythical, magical or extinct familiar.
• "Extreme" powers such as divinity, possession or hypnosis.
• As a quadruplet or higher multiple birth.
• As a character who is a twin or a triplet of an existing character.
• With the same name as another member, or as a character with the same name as another character.*

However, your character can have been anything before they come to Shaman. Want to bring over a character from your favourite horse RPG, or fancy playing a flower which got turned into a fairy in some crazy magical way? Go for it. As long as you accept that you play a level 1 (largely) powerless character when you join here, it doesn't really matter much what that character's history is.

Please note that unnatural hair, eye or skin colours (e.g. purple) are considered magical traits and require the payment of one coin to gain. Feel free to use hair dye, skin paint, tattoos or coloured contact lenses on ordinary tones though.

* = All names for fairies and familiars must be unique (i.e. fairies and familiars can't share names), with one exception. If a character has died, the player of the deceased character may reuse its name. However, only one character for each name can be played on the site at he time, so if the player wants to resurrect their original character, they must first kill off the new one of the same name.

II. This is a strictly no-drama zone. We don't tolerate arguments, fights or discrimination of any sort. If you are experiencing an issue with another player, either quietly take it to emails or speak to an administrator.

III. Please use the boards for their intended use. This applies mostly to the OOC boards, but serves more as a guideline than a rule for the IC boards. We're quite tolerant and flexible, but please don't leave updates on the chat board or anything like that ;)

IV. Please make use of trigger and maturity warnings. Swearing, sex references, violence and the like are permitted, but all players are required to put a warning at the start of their post with any details of any triggering or mature themes the post may contain. This is because we have a varied playerbase, including users as young as 12 and members who may have personally experienced sexual assault, suicide, etc. Here are some examples of things which would require warnings on this site:
• Any swearing (M).
• Any sexual references (M) and references to sexual abuse (TW).
• Violence and gore (M).
• References to actions or behaviours linked to mental health which may be triggering for players who have experience with those themes. This may include suicide, self-harm, abuse, neglect, eating disorders, etc. (TW)
• References to phenomena which may be triggering to players who have recently or chronically experienced such things, such as death, loss, breaking and entering, racism, etc. (TW)

To ensure the safety and happiness of our community, please use the following guidelines when writing your warnings.
• Warnings should be clear and situated at the top of your post. For very mature or triggering themes, please additionally include a warning (e.g. M or TW) in the subject line.
• If you aren't sure whether to include a warning, include one anyway.
• Warnings should be specific about the content of the post (e.g. 'Trigger warning: this post contains swearing and references to suicide.') Please refer to what a post contains, not what it may contain, and avoid generic warnings at the top of all posts.
• Please keep warnings polite and kind. For players who may be experiencing emotional upset in real life, Shaman can be a place for them to get away from it all. Your warnings help to keep this a safe community for them.

Outright pornographic posts are prohibited on this site.

V. Familiars, powers, points, coins, doubloons etc are a priviledge not a right. The admin can take them away or refuse to give them out if they are not being used responsibly.

VI. Speed-aging is allowed, is a completely normal IC phenomena and is encouraged for younger fairies. You cannot, however, make your characters younger. If you put a character on hold it can remain the same age as it was when you put it on hold, but you shouldn't keep your characters at the same age if they are active without eternal youth.

VII. Fairies can exist without familiars but familiars cannot exist without fairies. If a familiar is killed the fairy cannot get a new one. Familiars age at the same rate as their fairy and cannot die of old age unless their fairy does. When a fairy dies, so does their familiar.

VIII. Deities do exist in this game, but you are not obliged to worship them. The "fairy" religion is as optional as any other; your fairy can be an atheist, a Hindu, a Christian, a Humanist - or they can believe that any of the fairy deities created the universe. It is a fact, however, that Aura created Shaman and is technically the "god" of Shaman.

IX. Points, powers, traits and coins granted to a specific character (and thus listed in the character database) are non-intertradeable between characters. Doubloons and items (including coins found in players' banks) are completely inter-tradeable between characters and members.

X. Your satisfaction matters to us. Do not ever consider a complaint too petty to bring forward, and never believe that we won't want to hear your views or opinions because you're new or don't think of yourself as important. If you have a suggestion or an issue, we want to know. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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