These items are not for sale; they are usually given out as one-off prizes in special events. If you own any of these items, the Collector is usually keen to purchase them for the value given.

Active Items Pets Retired Items

Active Items
After Eight Mint
Will instantly give two characters of your choice a +35 point boost. One use only.
700 - 900$
Anti-Gravity Potion
When consumed, temporarily causes the drinker to defy gravity. 1 use only. Effects wear off after 3 hours.
100 - 300$
Born Lucky
Use on Haven to create a mysteriously "lucky" baby with both parents listed as Unknown
1,800 - 2,400$
Born With Mythical Familiar
Use when breeding to guarantee your baby will be born with a randomised mythical familiar.
3,000 - 3,300$
Bronze Locket
This is just a pretty piece of jewellery, but that could change if you find a gemstone...
25 - 50$
Christmas Adventure Survival Kit
Use instead of an ordinary survival kit to guarantee a Christmas-themed adventure.
200 - 300$
Castle Snowglobe
An exact miniature replica of the Castle inside a snowglobe.
200 - 250$
Christmas Adventure Survival Kit
Use instead of an ordinary survival kit to guarantee a Christmas-themed adventure.
200 - 300$
Christmas Pet Collar
A cute collar for your favorite pet! This collar comes with an attached bell that makes a soft jingle that only you can hear no matter how far away they run. Useful in tracking the most mischievous of pets.
400 - 500$
Allows you to remove a defect, or add a trait/power/familiar to your fairy. Can change an existing familiar's form.
Combination Parchment
These documents were handwritten by Aura to show rune stone combinations. The value is dependent on the document.
Cupid's Quiver
is filled with harmless, suction-ended arrows tipped with love potion.
500 - 800$
Eggciting Survival Kit
Use instead of an ordinary survival kit to guarantee an Easter-themed adventure.
400 - 500$
(Element) (shop item)
Any shop item, e.g. poppins bag, made of a specific element.
Item value + 700 - 1,000$
(Element) Armour
Armour made of a specific element, e.g. fire, water.
900 - 1,200$
(Element) Weapon
Weapon of player's choice made of a specific element, e.g. fire, water.
900 - 1,200$
Emerald Leaf
Trade with a divine character to receive a mission with a prize. Emerald Leaf must be presented to the deity IC.
1,000 - 1,500$
Enchanted Pumpkin Lantern
Its light will never go out and can shine through everything, even underwater!
200 - 400$
Equaliser Weapon
The weapon is unique to the holder, but all share the same terrifying power: the ability to remove a fairy's magic. Fortunately the weapon can also restore fairy magic... if you can get hold of one. Only members of the Equaliser cult currently own these.
Everlasting Candle
A candle which burns indefinitely without getting any smaller or melting. It can be extinguished in all the usual ways however.
Firework Crate
When opened, gives you 1-2 shop items worth approximately 500$
400 - 500$
There are six different types of gemstones. When fused with a locket, something strange and wonderful can happen...
50 - 100$
Gold Locket
This is just a pretty piece of jewellery, but that could change if you find a gemstone...
75 - 100$
Guaranteed Level Branch (Branch)
A guarantee that you'll get a specific level branch when you level up.
2,100 - 2,400$
Halloween Reanimation
Brings forth a ghost of a person (fairy, human or familiar) of your character's choice for one day only, and your character can interact with that person.
2,000 - 2,350$
Invisibility Lotion
A retired shop item. When you rub this lotion on, you'll turn invisible! Full coverage needed for total invisibility.
10 - 50$
Learner Potion
A retired shop item. When you drink this potion, you'll learn new skills faster!
10 - 50$
Level Boost (up to Lv6)
This one-use item automatically gives your character enough points to put them up one level.
700 - 900$
Level Branch Choice
Allows you to choose your level branch for one character after they find their ren.
3,300 - 3,500$
Loyal Weapon
This weapon only works for its assigned user. E.g., it may become too heavy for someone else to use or jump out of their reach.
900 - 1,200$
Magic Sledge
This sledge can fly!
600 - 700$
Magic Peep
Can provide a distraction when needed. One use only.
800 - 900$
Magic Quill
Takes notes for you while you dictate to it, saving the need to ever write anything down yourself!
Musical Cowboy Hat
When worn, it plays Western and Country tunes!
300 - 450$
One-Use Deity Summons
Use this to force a deity to appear before you. They may not be pleased with you, though.
500 - 700$
Playerless Coupon
Apply this item to a playerless character and see them transform into something jaw-dropping!
2,300 - 2,800$
Rainbow Paintbrush
Apply to any character, familiar or pet to make them rainbow-themed!
2,000 - 2,500$
Rune Stone
These items are infused with ancient magic. Their value depends on the stone.
Santa Sack
Only for use at Christmas with a character under the age of 13. Gives your child a random present for Christmas.
1,400 - 1,600$
Sexual Magnetism Potion
A retired shop item. This potion, when drunk, makes you more attractive.
500 - 700$
Silver Locket
This is just a pretty piece of jewellery, but that could change if you find a gemstone...
50 - 75$
Skeleton Pet Costume
The item turns the pet in question black with white skeleton markings.
600 - 800$
Spark of Divinity
A retired shop item. This item lets you do any single action using a spark of pure magic.
1,800 - 2,000$
A recording device made to look like a real spider. Can be used to spy on others.
500 - 600$
Steerable Birthday Balloon
This jolly-coloured balloon will lift your character off their feet and carry them for indeterminable distances. It follows clear instructions eand can be inflated and deflated an unlimited number of times.
500 - 800$
Stranger Candle
Stranger Candle Use with caution. Light this item and set it in the window or entrance of your home and someone, or something, unnatural will pay you a visit in the night. They may leave a prize behind in the morning. Quest item, one use only.
300 - 500$
Temperature Invulnerability Potion
Makes your character invulnerable to extreme temperatures. One use only. Lasts for 24 hours.
550 - 650$
Turkey Feather
Enables whoever holds it (be they flightless fairy or flightless familiar) to levitate up to three feet (one meter) into the air.
250 - 350$
Turkey Grenade
When thrown at someone, will turn them temporarily into a turkey. how long the effect lasts varies from person to person
Undead Familiar
Creates an undead/zombie familiar or turns an existing familiar into a zombie.
2,800 - 3,100$
Wine Carrier
The same as a water carrier, except it produces wine.
1,200 - 1,400$
Zombie Survival Kit
Use instead of an ordinary survival kit to guarantee an apocalyptic adventure.
550 - 650$
Admirable Big Horse
These magnificent beasts all have an unusual talent. Unusual for a horse, that is.
700 - 900$
Bittles Cat
Bittles Cats are known for their remarkable ability to take liquid form so that they can squeeze through tiny gaps. They can also become a puddle if they choose. In fact, it isn't always easy to tell the difference between a Bittles Cat and the puddles of pee they leave in their wake.
400 - 600$
Named for the former Queen Mother Nimueh, bunnims are known to be a gentle, motherly breed of rabbit. It’s unclear precisely what their special power is, but homes containing a bunnim will find that their homes are always well-cared for. They may find that the house has been tidied, fresh flowers put in the vase and/or cookies in the oven when they wake up/return from an outing.
600 - 800$
Candy Cane Unicorn
A unicorn pet with red and green stripes like a christmas candy cane. They smell faintly of peppermint and can leave your fingers feeling sticky! Can be used as a mount but maybe not in the rain!
Carlian Horse
A retired Shaman mascot. Now makes a fancy (blue) riding horse.
200 - 400$
Carrier Robin
Similar to a carrier pigeon, but Christmas-themed; can carry messages around Shaman.
250 - 350$
Charlie Cat
Charlie Cats are highly intelligent and affectionate cats who appear to understand and empathise with people. Charlie Cats have extraordinarily loud purrs, and when they sit on a person and purr, it heals them in body and mind.
400 - 600$
Crooner Koi
The Crooner Koi is completely greyscale, save for its bright blue eyes. They have a small protrusion on their heads which resemble the carefully coiffed hair style of your favourite vintage singers (just without the need for brill cream). This Koi has the AquaAir trait.
400 - 600$
Divine Rabbit (deity)
Each of these rabbits is connected to a different deity, and their appearance reflects that deity in some way. When the deity is in the presence of a rabbit connected to them, the deity may be calmer and more cooperative.
900 - 1,100$
Easter Bunny
Easter Bunnies can shapeshift between a bird form and a rabbit. In both forms, they have the ability to lay eggs.
400 - 600$
Flying Reindeer
A real flying reindeer as a pet for your character.
150 - 300$
Football Koi
The front half of the Football Koi is red, and the back half is white. It has a long black tail and fins and likes to swim with others of its own kind, most commonly in groups of 11. This Koi has the AquaAir trait.
400 - 600$
Gardener Koi
The Gardener Koi is green from nose to tip and has green eyes. It is covered in patches of a moss-like substance which they use to filter the water around them as they swim. If they spend any time in water with lilies, they grow the flowers from their backs. This Koi has the AquaAir trait.
400 - 600$
Grandfatherly Koi
The GrandFatherly koi wears a blue knitted gansey and appears to smoke a pipe. It uses this pipe to suck in insects from the surrounding air. This Koi has the AquaAir trait.
400 - 600$
Guardian Animal
A loyal companion for your character who will protect them. Your choice of any Earthly animal or Shamanimal.
1,300 - 1,500$
Jokester Koi
The Jokester koi always seems to be smiling - its the cheshire cat of fish! They say if you tickle a Jokester Koi it will giggle like a schoolboy. They come in a whole array of bright colours and have black eyes. This Koi has the AquaAir trait.
400 - 600$
Littlest Ghost
A spookily helpful little pet. This little ghost can be summoned between sunset and sunrise by its owner using a magic word unique to each ghost. It will then fetch objects belonging to them in exchange for candy. No candy, no fetching. Limited to 1 object per night.
400 - 600$
Lunar Rabbit
Popular pets among lunar nymphs, Lunar Rabbits are like small lunar cores. They transmit vibes depending on their moods. A happy Lunar Rabbit will transmit happy vibes, giving everyone in the vicinity a feel-good feeling; a frightened Lunar Rabbit will transmit frightening vibes; and a Lunar Rabbit looking to multiply will… well.
400 - 600$
erbuns have the top half of a rabbit and the bottom half of a sea creature. They are highly intelligent, can follow complex instructions, and can even communicate in sign language if taught to!
400 - 600$
Mitch Cat
Mitch Cats are friendly (but not intellectually gifted) kitties with a special talent. They can imitate any sound or voice after hearing it only once.
400 - 600$
These beautiful animals are hybrids of rabbits and phoenixes, and all look different. They are immortal, and are reborn from their own ashes after death.
400 - 600$
Portkits are a type of rabbit that have the ability to teleport, and can take up to five people along with them providing all those people are touching the Portkit.
900 - 1,100$
Puppy with a Stick
Aww look, it has a stick!
150 - 250$
These bizarre hybrids of rabbits and crocodiles all look different, but they all have one deadly feature. A bite/scratch from a rabbidile cannot be cured by any magic, including divinity, and could leave a permanent scar – even on a deity! Bites/scratches from rabbidiles can be healed naturally over time.
900 - 1,100$
Red-Nosed Reindeer
A real red-nosed reindeer as a pet for your character.
850 - 950$
Rider Rabbit
These ordinary-looking rabbits can grow large enough to be ridden. They can shrink at will back to their original size.
600 - 800$
Sacred Ibis
The best thing about this pet is that after death you can mummify it and offer it to the gods!
850 - 950$
Sage Cat
Sage Cats are remarkably beautiful cats with the ability to turn invisible. They tend to favour one or two people (ignoring everyone else) and make excellent therapy animals for their chosen few.
400 - 600$
Sapper Koi
The Sapper Koi is kahki coloured, with brown fins and tail. Sapper Koi are great team-players and work together to solve any problems they encounter. This Koi has the AquaAir trait.
400 - 600$
Sassy Festive Snake
A regular snake most of the time, but in moments of greatest need, Sassy Snake will tell you what you need to hear.
400 - 600$
Tiny Armoured Dragon / Metallic Dragon Egg
This little dragon is about the size of a labrador and its body is made of plates of armour. They’re super tough and resistant to almost anything, but will sink in water!
800 - 900$
Tiny Aquatic Dragon / Blue Dragon Egg
Aquatic dragons are the smallest of the tiny species, measuring about the size of a seahorse. They are amphibious and can breathe underwater and on land. Appearances vary, but they are all designed to blend into different underwater environments.
800 - 900$
Tiny Celestial Dragon / Black Dragon Egg
A cat-sized dragon with shifting night sky scales. This little dragon has the ability to make starlight shine through any substance, e.g. clouds/ceilings.
800 - 900$
Tiny Motor Dragon / Red Dragon Egg
Tiny Motor Dragons are mechanical, with an engine for a heart. They generally have a steampunk appearance and sizes vary from the size of a kitten to the size of a large Maine Coon cat. They have the ability to breathe fire.
800 - 900$
Tiny Scorpion Dragon / Lumpy Dragon Egg
These little dragons are about the size of a cockatiel. They have a stinger, but the poison has the effect of making you temporarily lose control of your body. For some this could mean paralysis, for others flailing, and some might find themselves playing air guitar! Tiny Scorpion Dragons are generally black in colour but may have colourful markings.
800 - 900$
Tiny Singing Dragon / Mohawk Dragon Egg
These little dragons connect with their owners on an emotional level and can create music to suit their owner’s mood. They come in an array of colours but generally have mohawks. They’re about the size of a cat.
800 - 900$
Waffle Cat
Waffle Cats know that they are the greatest of all cats, because they were the first. They have the ability to expand to fill any space. No one's sure if it's fat or fluff. They also claim Christmas presents, so watch out.
400 - 600$
Wooden Koi
This fish appears to be made of beautiful varnished oak. Each fish is uniquey carved with complicated designs and no two are the same. They have bright golden eyes. This Koi has the AquaAir trait.
400 - 600$
Retired Items
Akhlut Tooth
Information unavailable.
150 - 250$
A retired exploration item which no longer has game use.
10 - 50$
Fast-Track Diploma
This is a retired item which no longer has any game use.
2,500 - 2,900$
Glow Monster in a Jar
Information unavailable.
200 - 300$
Greebo Plushie
This is a retired item which no longer has any game use.
400 - 500$
A retired exploration item with no further use.
10 - 50$
Retired item which has now lost its magic.
500 - 700$
Sabre-toothed Sciuridox Tooth
Information unavailable.
200 - 300$
Snow Gnome
Retired item which has now lost its magic.
400 - 500$
Spirit Animal
Retired item which has now lost its magic.
1,500 - 1,600$
Star of Wonder
Retired item which has now lost its magic.
900 - 1,000$