We are on hiatus!
...Sort of
Thanks for popping by our strange, niche little corner of the internet!

This website was started by Aspelta on 14th March 2009 and has run continuously since then without taking a hiatus. After twelve years running this site, Aspelta is taking a little break.

Shaman's website and server are still open and running, and you are welcome to chat and post as usual. However, the following is currently in place: Please continue to enjoy your characters and friends on this site!

Welcome to Shaman
Version Fifteen: Resurgence
It's like the end of a story: good guy defeats bad guy, takes back his kingdom and sets about restoring justice. Peace reigns.

Or does it?

While Tristan was fighting to regain his throne, something terrible happened on Earth. Gwythr, Shaman's original villain, has returned and is at full power. All of the other deities and some members of their families seem to be missing. Even Aura, the Guide of the Dead, has not been seen since before Tristan and Mordred's final battle.

Danger brews. While Shaman braces for an influx of refugees from Earth and the new king learns to navigate the treacherous diplomacy of his kingdom's sworn enemy, questions must be asked. Where are our missing gods? Are even the dead unsafe? Now Gwythr has control of Earth, will he set his sights to Shaman next?

And what power do we mortals have to protect and fight these immortal, otherworldly beings?

What's coming next?
The future is hard to read. All we can say is...

About this site
Shaman is a fantasy humanoid literary roleplaying site where you play as fairies. Fairies more or less look the same as humans, except that they develop wings and can have other physical traits. Each fairy may have one familiar, which can be any animal. This game is set in another world far from Earth, called "Shaman". There are close connections with Earth, however, and many fairies come from there. There is a strong religious influence on this game, but fairy religions are as optional as human ones; your fairy can be an atheist if you like.

This site was opened on 14th March 2009 and remained continuously opened for 12 years! We are a varied community of adults from all walks of life who share a passion for writing. As a community, we support, encourage and motivate each other to develop our craft in a fun, relaxed environment. Many of our members are busy folks with real life commitments, so we don't mind if you only have time to post once a month or even less. Shaman exists only at your convenience, so if you lead a busy life, it's easy to walk away until you're ready to return. We always welcome new friends and love the chance to write with new people, no matter their level of skill or experience - providing you are aged 18+!

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Returning players
Been away for a while? It can feel intimidating to jump back in to an old site, but we're excited to write with you again! Please check the links below to see if your old bank and characters are reclaimable. If a player has been gone for a long time, we may delete their bank and characters. In these cases, you are free to rejoin!

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