Non-Player Characters
These characters can freely be used in posts and power-played. They can also be used on the impetus board to provide prompts or catalysts. If your use of a certain NPC leaves a permanent effect on them (e.g. you cut off their hand or kill them), please post on updates to have the information on this page updated. Anyone can also submit a new NPC at any time.

We have three types of NPCs. Plot characters are ideal for helping you further plots; antagonists are villains, bullies or otherwise antagonistic characters; and aides are heroic or helpful characters.

Plot Characters
Agapito, the animal smuggler
Li, the exotics meat butcher
Murray, the dodgy dealer
Omni, host of the Omniety competition
The Collector
The Ragman

Agni, the pirate lord
Arno, the useless boyfriend
Captain Zwarte, the pirate revolutionary
Esther-May, the soul thief
Vasco, the charmer
Iraya, tween bully
Bones, the mountain witch

Bones, the mountain witch