Magic on Shaman
the nature of magic
Magic and fairies both originate from stardust. Magic is fused into every fibre of a fairy's being, since they are constructed from the same foundations. Magic in its purest form is known as divinity (which incorporates the ability to do almost anything) and can only be controlled by a fairy made of pure stardust - i.e., an original fairy or the child of two original fairies. Ordinary fairies are made of stardust and other compounds (i.e., they are "impure"), so they cannot control magic in its purest form - but they can control individual powers.

powers and traits
Characters can be customised with personal magical powers (defined as abilities such as telepathy, fire manipulation etc) and traits (defined as physical adaptations such as horns, scales etc). Control over these powers individualised according to natural talent, practice and level. Powers and traits can be earned through quests or purchased from the shop.

levels and points
Points are used to raise a fairy's level.

Fairy levels are as follows:

Level I - 0 points required
This fairy closely resembles a human in appearance, i.e. is imperfect. The magical skills of a level I fairy are extremely limited; if they have any powers then they usually cannot control them and can't tap into the full abilities of their power. Familiars of level I fairies cannot travel more than 15 metres from their fairy and usually have a phobia or psychological disorder of some sort. Familiars have the ability to communicate telepathically with their own fairy and can speak aloud, but will rarely speak to a fairy which isn't their own. If a familiar attempts to travel any distance from their fairy, both fairy and familiar will feel a sharp pain and will become out of breath.

Level II - 50 points required
This fairy has grown a set of small, weak wings which it cannot yet use to fly. Level II fairies' senses are sharper than level one fairies, and their magical abilities are slightly more controllable but they are still prone to blips. Familiars can travel up to 100 metres from their fairy, although fairies and familiars alike will feel pain when approaching the 100 metre boundary. The familiar's phobia/disorder is reduced but still present, and they are still likely to feel shy when talking to a fairy which isn't their own.

Level III - 150 points required
This fairy's wings are fully developed, giving it the ability to fly. Level III fairies can change their hair and eye colour to natural colours at will and have very acute senses. Their magical powers are now fully controllable but still weak, so they cannot achieve their power's full potential. Familiars can travel several miles from their fairy and feel no pain in doing so, although they may become anxious about leaving their fairy. The phobia/disorder has completely gone and the familiar will feel more confident communicating with other fairies.

Level IV - 250 points required
Level IV fairies can change their hair/eye colour to unnatural colours and can alter their hair length at will. Familiars can travel any distance from their fairy but they may feel a slight anxiety at being far from their fairy.

Level V - 400 points required
Level V fairies can alter their body proportions, add/remove fat from their own bodies and alter their height (min height 3 foot, max height 8 foot). Familiars feel no anxiety at being far from their fairy.

Level VI - 600 points required
Level VI fairies can alter their skin colour to any natural colour and remove scars from their own bodies. They can naturally blend into any environment. Familiars may choose to grow wings (if they don't already have some) in order to join their fairies in the skies.

Level VII - 1000 points required
Level VI fairies are particularly in tune with nature and can calm an animal to entice it close enough to touch. Familiars have the same magical powers that a fairy has gained through trading coins.

Beyond level VII
At some point between level VII and level VIII, you must send your character to speak to a deity or another level X fairy. The deity or level X fairy will tell your fairy about the ren object they have to find. All fairies have a ren object from the moment of their birth, which is hidden somewhere in Shaman and is unique to them. This ren object may be anything - a ring, a rock, a pair of shoes, etc - which will appear to be a normal everyday object to anyone else except your fairy. It is every fairy's mission to find their ren object before they reach level VIII. When they find their object, they must return to the character who sent them on their mission. That character will then tell them which level branch they will follow. Each fairy can only have one level branch which only opens up to them from level VIII onwards.

You cannot choose your fairy's branch, but you can express a preference to the admin (who will decide for you) and your preference will be taken into account. The branch is usually chosen based on your fairy's personality, but some branches are rarer than others. You cannot change your branch once you have been given one. If your fairy fails to find its ren object before they reach level VIII, they will be cursed to remain in level VII and will be unable to progress beyond that level.

View the available level branches below.

Also known as the transmogrification branch.
Rarity: common

Level VIII - 1500 points required
Level VIII fairies of the Abeo branch can alter their skeletal structure, thus enabling them to change their image to match any other fairy or any human. They can also alter their height without restriction. Familiars can alter their colourings to any natural colour of their species.

Level IX - 2000 points required
Level IX fairies of the Abeo branch can alter their skin colour to unnatural colours and change their blood colour to any colour they please. Familiars can alter their colourings to any unnatural colour.

Level X - 3000 points required
Level X fairies of the Abeo branch can grant themselves physical traits (e.g. may grow antler horns or a cat's tail), thus enabling total self-image manipulation. They cannot, however, shapeshift into other animals - they must still resemble a humanoid figure. Level X fairies can also manipulate what their body is made of (e.g. change it to glass, crystal, metal etc). Familiars have the same transmogrification abilities of a level VII fairiy.

Masters of the Abeo