Contemporary Earth
This guide has been designed to give a better understanding of what life is like for fairies on Earth, to help in creating histories for Earth-born characters.

Population and distribution
Compared to the number of humans, there is only a very small number of fairies on Earth: approximately four million across the globe. Fairies generally congregate together, often in the capital city of their home country or in remote areas.

Mostly, fairies live amongst humans in secret. There are a handful of all-fairy settlements in the world, but all have a population of less than a thousand and all are located in harsh, difficult locations which makes them unattractive to prospective residents. Fairies live in almost every country where humans do, although some countries have a larger population than others. The country with the largest population of fairies is the United States of America, and China has an unusually small population of fairies considering its size. The countries where the original fairies make their homes are especially popular to ordinary fairies, and there is a high concentration of fairies in Cairo, Egypt, since the Council of Originals has strong links there.

In terms of geographical preferences, fairies vary as much as humans do.

Fairies and humans
Fairies live for the most part in complete secret, although very rarely they may tell a human that they're a fairy if they're very close to that human. Fairy and human friendships do blossom, although long-term romantic relationships between fairies and humans are very rare, and offspring between them rarer still. It is exceptionally difficult for a fairy to conceive a child with a human and, on the exceptional occasion when it happens, the child is nearly always a stillborn or dies shortly after birth. Very little information is documented about the offspring of a fairy and a human since so few have ever survived, and there is no record of any fairy/human hybrid living to adulthood.

Most fairies live amongst humans and so, live as humans do. They'll go to human schools, get jobs in human workplaces and make human friends. Ambitious fairies tend to be very successful at their jobs because of the aid of their magic, and fairies are often found in high government positions. There is an international law against using magic to win elections, however, and the council police this very closely. Ambition is not a common trait in fairies, though, and most are content to lead quiet lives. By and large, fairies are a peaceful race.

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