Support Board
The support board is your one-stop shop to posting anything which needs to be added or edited anywhere on the site. That includes updates, joining new characters, breeding characters, editing reserve names etc. Click the headings below for more details on what you want to.

Joining a new character
Generating babies
Adopting or giving up a character
Posting updates
Claiming freebies, prizes or rewards
Requesting prompts or quests
Offering suggestions or feedback

Reserved Names
Each player may reserve up to six names. Your reserved name expires after 3 months if you do not use it or renew it in that time. You can renew a reserved name at any time by posting on this board.

Reserved Names
Expiry Date
Kiya, Santos, Sennefer, Tempest, Calypso, Oleander
26 Aug '22

Time check for claiming? All our contests, claims etc end at midnight in British time.
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