Elysium Forum
at the edge of augury vale
Between Augury Vale and Dragonbone Moor, the newly constructed Elysium Forum sprawls generously, as large as any of the villages. The forum is a neutral ground in Shaman, a sanctuary for any who ask for it. In addition to the individual temples for each monotheistic deity cult, there are also headquarters here for the Council of Originals, the Alliance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Divine Scribes, several of the fairy churches and the Lieutenants of Death. The buildings are a haphazard mess of different architectural styles.

Since Gwythr took control of Earth, there has been a huge influx of political and religious refugees to this area. The majority of new refugees are members of the other deities' churches and organisations.

Gwythr, Dictator of Earth
Tsi, missing
Mallos, missing
Zed, missing
Khasekhemwy, missing
Allianah, missing
Charlton, missing
Rhaegar, missing
Aura, Guide of the Dead, missing
Thyri, Companion of Rhaegar, missing
Rana de Leon, Companion of Zed, missing
Nepenthe, Companion of Mallos
Jorg, Son of Rhaegar
Mateo, Son of Zed
Luka, Daughter of Zed
Beatriz, Daughter of Zed
Angela, Daughter of Mallos
Leander, Son of Mallos
Elina, Step-daughter of Rhaegar
Xiang, Son of Tsi
Solnyshka, Daughter of Mallos and Lorraine

Mace, Alliance Captain
Nepenthe, Alliance Agent
Gawain, Alliance Lieutenant
Svea, Nanny to Jorg
Eskel, Bodyguard to Jorg
Bjorn, Rhaegaran Priest
Syrin, Handmaiden to Thyri
Kane, Lieutenant of Death
Poppy, Lieutenant of Death
Creature, Lieutenant of Death

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