This board can be used to share concepts, characters and other things. You can adopt new characters or give up existing ones for adoption, but you can also use this board to find or give away concepts, HTML, pictures and anything else you like.

how to submit
You can submit anything you like on this board for other players to adopt! You could submit... If you wish to submit a concept for a character, you can create any type of character you like with any kind of background/history/magic/etc. Please note, however, that these concepts have to be approved by an admin first if someone wishes to adopt them.

how to adopt
To adopt anything off this board, simply reply to the thread and ask. The original poster may have some conditions for adoption. When both parties have agreed on the adoption, you can post on the updates board to submit the update.

If you want to adopt a character concept to turn into a real character, it may require admin approval. Check with an admin to make sure everything's alright. Admins may ask you to make some changes to the concept. Once it's approved, you can then post your new character on the join board.