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In joining, posting on or otherwise using Shaman and its accompanying Discord server, you are agreeing to abide by our rules. These rules were last updated in November 2021. The rules can be updated or changed at any time without notice.

I. This site is only for players aged 18+.
  • By joining, you confirm that you are age 18 or over.
  • This site contains mature themes including violence, substance abuse, sex and strong language, and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

II. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • We are a community of like-minded artists who seek to uplift, encourage, motivate and support one another.
  • Disagreements are natural and inevitable, but should be handled maturely and privately.

III. Please make use of trigger and maturity warnings.
  • Swearing, sex references, violence and the like are permitted, but all players are required to put a warning at the start of their post with any details of any triggering or mature themes the post contains.
  • This is because we have a varied playerbase, including members who may have personally experienced sexual assault, suicide, etc.
  • Here are some examples of things which would require warnings on this site:
    • Any swearing (M).
    • Any sexual references (M) and references to sexual abuse (TW).
    • Violence and gore (M).
    • References to actions or behaviours linked to mental health which may be triggering for players who have experience with those themes. This may include suicide, self-harm, abuse, neglect, eating disorders, etc. (TW)
    • References to phenomena which may be triggering to players who have recently or chronically experienced such things, such as death, loss, breaking and entering, racism, etc. (TW)
  • To ensure the safety and happiness of our community, please use the following guidelines when writing your warnings.
    • Warnings should be clear and situated at the top of your post. For very mature or triggering themes, please additionally include a warning (e.g. M or TW) in the subject line.
    • If you aren't sure whether to include a warning, include one anyway.
    • Warnings should be specific about the content of the post (e.g. 'Trigger warning: this post contains swearing and references to suicide.') Please refer to what a post contains, not what it may contain, and avoid generic warnings at the top of all posts.
    • Please keep warnings polite and kind. For players who may be experiencing emotional upset in real life, Shaman can be a place for them to get away from it all. Your warnings help to keep this a safe community for them.

IV. When joining a character, please observe the following:
  • All characters must be fairies, or must become fairies upon joining. This is the only playable primary species on the game.
  • Permission is required to play a character who is related to an existing character.
  • Players should have different OOC names from each other.
  • Characters should have unique names, i.e. one not already in use.
  • Unnatural hair, eye or skin colours are considered magical traits and must be purchased. Feel free to use hair dye, skin paint, tattoos or coloured contact lenses on ordinary tones, though!

V. All names for fairies and familiars must be unique (i.e. fairies and familiars can't share names).
  • There is one exception. If a character has died, the player of the deceased character may reuse its name.
  • However, only one character for each name can be played on the site at a time, so if the player wants to resurrect their original character, they must first kill off the new one of the same name.

VI. Almost all fairies grow wings, but you have a lot of freedom about how they look – or whether to keep them!
  • Characters begin to grow small, unusable wings at Level II, and have fully-fledged wings at Level III.
  • Your wings can look however you want! Feathered, bat, insect, dragon, robot, fire – be as crazy as you like!
  • Like other parts of the body, wings can be amputated for "free" if you do not want them and do not want to pay for removal.
  • Items can be purchased to remove your wings without amputation, or to make them repressible.
  • Characters who do not grow wings are: original fairies/deities, Immortal Ones. All others, including demigods, will grow wings.

VII. Levels are flexible, but should be loosely observed and characters should not be using abilities they do not possess.
  • Lower level characters have very limited control or strength with their magic. Magic becomes more powerful as characters level up.
  • The abilities listed in the magic/trait database represent the maximum you can do with that power, as a fully levelled up character. Lower level, unskilled or unpractised characters should adjust down accordingly.
  • Please check the description in the magic/trait database carefully to ensure appropriate use of magic.

VIII. Be aware of your character's abilities and "power level" before challenging powerful characters.
  • Some very powerful characters do exist in this game, and all players have the ability to get their characters to very high "power levels".
  • If you play a less powerful character who has a mouth on them, that's totally cool! However, be prepared to accept potential consequences for them challenging a more powerful character. If they mouth off the king they may be thrown in jail, for example!
  • Consider what a powerful character is capable of doing and, if you are unwilling to accept the consequences which may come from your character challenging them, avoid challenging them. If your character is the type who would definitely challenge them regardless, avoid posting to the more powerful character.

IX. Time is reasonably fluid and, well, a bit timey-wimey.
  • We do not have fixed years or seasons, so you can play with whatever seasonal weather you like in your writing.
  • Speed-aging is allowed, is a completely normal IC phenomena and is encouraged for younger fairies.
  • You cannot, however, make your characters younger without the appropriate powers/items.
  • If you put a character on hold it can remain the same age as it was when you put it on hold, but you shouldn't keep your characters at the same age if they are active without the appropriate powers/items.
  • Please use the Past board if you wish to rewind the clock on your character for the purpose of exploration or development.

X. Fairies can exist without familiars but familiars cannot exist without fairies.
  • If a familiar is killed the fairy cannot get a new one.
  • Familiars age at the same rate as their fairy and cannot die of old age unless their fairy does.
  • When a fairy dies, so does their familiar.

XI. Players are responsible for managing their own banks, inventories and characters.
  • When freebies, rewards and prizes are posted, these are not updated automatically unless otherwise stated. It is up to players to claim these on the support board.
  • The time limit for claiming freebies, rewards and prizes is one month from the date it was posted, unless otherwise stated for specific events (e.g. for advent it is 48 hours). Players will not be able to claim the freebie, reward or prize outside of that deadline.
  • It is up to players to submit their own updates.

XII. Please note the following around trading:
  • Anything in your bank can be traded or assigned to characters freely.
  • Items assigned to characters can be freely unassigned, traded or moved.
  • Points, powers and traits already belonging to a character can only be unassigned, traded or moved with the appropriate items.
  • Trading, gifting and buy/selling between players is absolutely fine. Please discuss privately and then submit the final transaction on the support board when ready.

XIII. Please note the following about giving up or adopting a character:
  • If you make a character "Playerless", this is an extreme option whereby you give up all rights to the character and cannot impose conditions.
  • When adopting a "Playerless" character, you have total freedom to edit any information which is not in the database (and information which is using appropriate items), and are free to kill, breed etc the character.
  • If you make a character "Adoptable", you can set your own terms and conditions for adopting the character.
  • When adopting an "Adoptable" character, you must follow the terms and conditions set by the original owner.

XIV. Please note the following about playing the offspring of characters played by others:
  • If you have conditions for someone else playing the offspring of your character, you should ensure those are agreed before breeding.
  • If the player of the offspring vanishes long-term and the player of the parent is unable to get in touch with them, the player of the parent can appeal to the support team for permission to take over the offspring character. This is the only time when a character can "forcibly" be taken from a player and is only allowed in these unusual circumstances.

XV. The support team are here to help.
  • The support team consists of Aspelta and Signe.
  • Please let us know if you have a question, concern, suggestion or some feedback. We welcome constructive criticism!
  • Concerns, suggestions and feedback should not be posted on public boards or server channels. Instead, please contact Aspelta privately by Discord DMs or the form on the contact page.
  • If something has upset you, please ensure you are regulated and in a good place before contacting the support team, so that we can all have a supportive discussion together.
  • Please remember that the support team are all volunteers and give up their free time as busy adults to help others on the site. We’re only human and mistakes can happen. We appreciate your patience and kindness.


We are a community of artists and love to share and engage with art across the web. There is no copyright infringement intended on this site. If you are the owner of material which you believe has been used inappropriately or without permission on this site, please contact us and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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