version sixteen: when life takes over

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Version sixteen: when life takes over

Our gods returned to us, one by one - but not all in one piece.

Gwythr's reign of terror on Earth found the rest of the deities scattered and broken. Some had been strong-armed into joining forces with him; some were held captive in horrific conditions; some eluded him and remained on the run. Gradually, the people of Shaman brought them home. The gods were found crawling ashore or snatched in daring rescue missions. Aura, the embodiment of Death, was restored to the Realm of the Dead before she could die the second death.

And it was here, on Shaman, that those gods who had any fight left in them stood together with the people of this world, against Gwythr and his Alliance, for their last stand.

The fight was long and bitter. As the battle wore on, it became clear that the superior numbers from Earth were overwhelming this tiny planet. Still the Shamanites fought on, until a grey mist rolled over the battlefield and stilled all life. The dead twitched, bones popped out from the ground. Aura had returned to Shaman, but not as anyone remembered her. With a face as thunder, she gripped Gwythr's collar and declared this nightmare over. She returned to the Realm of the Dead, taking the tyrant with her.

But it was not Death's place to decide when to end a life. The ancient balance of life and death was thrown off, and Life took full advantage. When Aura vanished, a new form appeared in the middle of the battlefield. A taller woman, with dark skin and green vines curled around her limbs, stepped forward and spread her arms as a mother might greet a child. She declared herself to be Life, and announced that she was saving all of Shaman from Death. The connection with Death was broken; none could die, none could travel beyond the Realm of the Living, and Death could not return.

As we picked up the pieces from this latest battle, the full extent of Life's grip on our world became clear. The plants grow at such speed that hacking back trees and bushes is a daily task. Animals multiply faster. The chance of giving birth to twins or triplets is higher.

And we are now immortal.

About this site

Shaman is a fantasy humanoid literary roleplaying site where you play as fairies. Fairies more or less look the same as humans, except that they develop wings and can have other physical traits. Each fairy may have one familiar, which can be any animal. This game is set in another world far from Earth, called "Shaman". There are close connections with Earth, however, and many fairies come from there.

This site was opened on 14th March 2009 and remained continuously opened for 12 years! We are a varied community of adults from all walks of life who share a passion for writing. As a community, we support, encourage and motivate each other to develop our craft in a fun, relaxed environment. Many of our members are busy folks with real life commitments, so we don't mind if you only have time to post once a month or even less. Shaman exists only at your convenience, so if you lead a busy life, it's easy to walk away until you're ready to return. We always welcome new friends and love the chance to write with new people, no matter their level of skill or experience - providing you are aged 18+!

What's happening this version?

  • In this version, a mysterious figure known only as "Life" has overstepped her bounds and cut off all connection with Death.
  • Characters with death-related powers will find they will not be fully functional. You can play with this and have as much fun with it as you like.
  • All characters are immortal and cannot die. You can play this however you like.
  • There is a higher chance of characters conceiving twins or triplets this version.
  • Fertility rates are high. Previously infertile characters (and pets!) can now conceive children.
  • For the first time ever, familiars are fertile. Familiars can conceive with other animals of the same species/which their species could naturally breed with. Familiar offspring will be ordinary animals.
  • Animals are breeding faster/more easily and having larger litters.
  • Plants are growing very quickly. Areas which were pruned one day could be overgrown by the next.
  • Dead characters, including Aura, cannot get in touch with the living and are trapped in the Realm of the Dead. Lieutenants of Death cannot travel between realms.
  • The remaining living deities are on Shaman, but are traumatised and in disarray after the war against Gwythr. Some were tortured in captivity and have sustained long-term injuries.
  • The Council of Originals has not yet been resurrected. The organisations it controlled are leaderless and confused. The Alliance has been suspended.
  • Some deity churches/cults are taking advantage of the confusion to try and manoeuvre themselves into positions of higher power. There seems to be an increase in religious figures on Shaman.

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