version sixteen: when life takes over

Welcome to Shaman!

Thank you for visiting Shaman! As of December 2023, we have transitioned into a private play-by-post roleplaying game. If you are a current member, please click on the "login" link located at the top right of the page to access the full site.

If you would like to request access to Shaman, please take a moment to review the rules below and accept the terms. After accepting the terms, you will be directed to a new page where you can provide your details. Aspelta (@aspelta) will contact you privately regarding your request. Please ensure that your direct messages (DMs) are open so that she can reach you.

Terms & Information

I. Shaman is now a private site. As such, players are entitled to enjoy the site in privacy.
  • Shaman is now a private site for the small number of adults who write here.
  • Returning players can apply to return and new players can apply to join (see III).
  • Current players have a right to safety and privacy on the site. Material on the site should not be shared with those who do not have access, including via screenshots and copy/paste.

II. This site is only for players aged 18+.
  • By requesting access or information, you confirm that you are age 18 or over.
  • This site contains mature themes including violence, substance abuse, sex and strong language, and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

III. Access to information about the site, or to the site itself, can be granted via application.
  • Returning or new players looking to write fun fantasy stories in a safe, relaxed setting are very welcome here.
  • By completing the access request form, returning and new players can apply to access the site or to access information about the site.
  • Your access request will be managed by the support team, consisting of Aspelta and Signe, via Discord. A member of the support team will contact you on Discord following your access request.
  • Please ensure you are regulated and polite while conversations about your request are held, as your request will be denied if distress is caused to the support team.
  • Access to the site is granted on a case by case basis, and is only granted to those looking to actively play.
  • Access to the site can be refused or revoked for any reason at any time.
  • Former players who wish to access information (e.g. character profiles) without returning to the site can do so via the same form. Your request will be considered and requested information may then be provided via Discord.
  • Information requests may be refused. A reason will be given for this. Usually, the reason is that the requested information may be missing.

IV. The support team are here to help.
  • The support team consists of Aspelta and Signe.
  • If something has upset you, please ensure you are regulated and in a good place before contacting the support team, so that we can all have a supportive discussion together.
  • Please remember that the support team are all volunteers and give up their free time as busy adults to help others on the site. We’re only human and mistakes can happen. We appreciate your patience and kindness.

V. Compliance with additional site rules is required for players.
  • These terms contain information and rules pertaining to access requests. Further rules (15 in total) are in place for those with site access.
  • If you are seeking to join or rejoin, you will need to comply with all of our site rules. You can request to see them in full before being granted site access.

I have read and agree to the rules stated above. I understand that by checking this box, I am committing to abide by the game's standards and expectations.