version sixteen: when life takes over


at a glance

  • Patron deity of the Russia.
  • Symbol: purple bear
  • Interspecies Ambassador of the Council of Originals
  • Has a nameless female white dove familiar.
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character profile

Name: Lorraine (loh-rain)
Gender: Cisgender female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: English

  • Identifiable by the colour purple (e.g. when she creates light, it is purple-tinted).
  • Excels at animal-based magic, particularly psychic.
Appearance: Lorraine's appearance changes frequently. Her "default" consists of medium height, slender body, pale skin, mid-to-long blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She is always seen with perfect hair, make-up and outfit, all in the latest fashion. Her appearance has been magically altered to the point where she looks "photoshopped": a little too perfect. She always walks an inch or so above the ground to avoid having to touch it.

Looks favourably upon:
  • Criminals and anyone who harbours grudges/dark thoughts.
  • Nobles.
  • Non-fairy sentient beings.
Looks unfavourably upon:
  • Relations of Shaman's royal family
  • Eastern Europeans
  • Do-gooders.
  • Commoners and poorer people
  • "New Money" (i.e. those who have made their wealth from industrial prowess or celebrity status)
Personality: In a word: selfish. Lorraine forms relationships with the intent to exploit them, and her loyalties shift according to what will most benefit her. She is a master of duplicity and is known for her use of feminine wiles to manipulate others. She has borderline delusions of grandeur and often overstates her own importance. Lorraine is very interested in her social relationships with the other deities and often quietly works to strengthen inter-deity bonds.

Relationships with other deities:
  • Traditionally gets along well with Mallos, Gwythr and Rhaegar. Has traditionally had a "friends with benefits" relationship with Mallos.
  • Gets along reasonably well with Zed.
  • Does not get along with Allianah.


Native language: Russian
Native term: ledi
Epithets: hemet-sewab ("the pure lady"), nefer-wa ("the beautiful one"), seret ("noble")

council role

Lorraine is currently serving as the Interspecies Ambassador of the Council of Originals and the head of the Interspecies branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

monotheistic cult

Major Hub: The Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Lorraine's cult is reasonable sized and focused in Russia. It plays a much larger role among the upper class, since she has very little to do with the lower classes, and so tends to be quite conservative

As the Interspecies Ambassador to the Council of Originals, it is only fitting that her monotheistic cult is welcoming to all species. In fact, the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, the major hub of her church, has doorways to many of the major worlds involved in her worship. Any species can hold a place of honor on her Court of priests and priestesses, but they must be polylingual in order to provide direction from Lorraine to their people. The Court is set up much like nobility, with great respect given to those with whom Lorraine has found favor.

Although any who are a part of the church may enter the lesser places of worship, there is a strict dress code in the Winter Palace of high fashion or formal attire, and etiquette must be maintained at all times. Courtesy is extended to guests from other worlds and other cultures as the customs may be different than what earth fairies may expect, so foreign decorums are acceptable. Most who spend significant time in the Winter Palace grow to learn these customs of other worlds by exposure and conversation between species is encouraged. This has led to many followers of Lorraine to go on to become ambassadors and diplomats themselves.

Although the highest Priest and Priestess have the ear of Lorraine and are permitted to speak on her behalf, Lorraine is very unforgiving of any who would put words in her mouth or lie about what she has said. If either confidante speaks for her without first hearing those words from her own mouth, they are removed from office and shamed. She finds it disrespectful that her followers would believe themselves her equal or able to telepathically assume her desires. She also has a distaste for prideful people, and as such her Court is expected to behave with modesty about their position, and beware her temper.

In addition to ambassadors, Lorraine fashion designers and artisans of intricate works in high regard.

There are those who believe the cult has offered legal counsel to those in need of tax havens.

role in polytheistic cults

Lorraine can take on minor or major roles in polytheistic cults, depending on the cult. She is more popular in cults originating from colder climates, especially within the Arctic Circle, and in cults originating from oligarchies.

She most commonly appears as a god of ice, snow, the cold seasons, and beauty or elegance. She also represents good financial fortune, wealth, and immoral or illegal methods of accumulating wealth. Because of her role as Interspecies Ambassador, Lorraine is also sometimes associated with agriculture, particularly in the role of protecting livestock and domesticated animals. She is sometimes associated with controlling animals and can be favoured by animal behaviourists or trainers.

In mythology, Lorraine can appear as an adviser to the other deities on animal, wildlife or diplomacy affairs. She often appears as disinterested in the common man, preferring to engage only with richer or upper class folk; as such, she is usually only invoked in mythology by nobles or royals. Lorraine's self-absorbed nature and passion for vengeance can often cause strife in myths, and she is one of the deities who is more prone to unleashing curses on mortals.

reputation on shaman

Lorraine is the second big bad villain after Gwythr. She is most known for "Lorraine's winter", when she froze Shaman, rendering most of it uninhabitable - just because she lost her hairbrush and blamed the king. Queen Lilith and the crowned Prince Gawain were believed to have perished in her winter. She is regarded with deep hatred and fear.

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