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at a glance

  • Patron deity of Egypt.
  • Symbol: three flames.
  • Deceased (c. ?BC).
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character profile

Name: Kiya (kee-ah)
Gender: Cisgender female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: Egyptian

  • Identifiable by the colour red.
  • More inclined towards the fire element. Was known for accidentally setting things on fire.
  • General lack of magical talent/skill.
Appearance: Kiya was never stunning, but she was particularly pretty when she smiled. She had caramel-brown skin, soft brown eyes and wavy black hair. She had a heart-shaped face with a pointed chin, a small, button nose and plump lips. Kiya was about average height by Ancient Egyptian standards (small by modern standards) and fairly slender. She died from a crocodile attack in which she lost her left leg up to the knee.

Looks favourably upon:
  • The lost and weary.
  • Travellers and adventurers.
Looks unfavourably upon:
  • People who are too uptight/serious.
  • Misogynistic men.
Personality: Kiya had a warm heart and a generally likeable nature which made her popular among deities, ordinary fairies and humans. Outgoing and extroverted, Kiya excelled in social interactions and usually knew what to say to make people feel better. Although the condition was unknown at the time, today she would have been diagnosed with ADHD; she was extremely high-energy and had a very short attention span. Cheerful and happy-go-lucky by nature, Kiya was charitable and was always first on the scene to help people. She was fearless, unfazed by most things and profoundly kind. In large part due to her personality, Kiya was considered very fanciable and often had to reject marriage proposals.


Currently none are remembered.

council role

Kiya is deceased and has no Council role. When she was alive, she occupied a minor role as a spokeswoman. She attended public events as the face of the Council to mortals and also acted as a messenger between the deities. Unofficially, she was also key in helping to patch up rifts between the deities. While she didn't occupy a major role within the Council, her death was a huge blow to them.

monotheistic cult

Kiya has been deceased for so long that her monotheistic cult has also died out.

role in polytheistic cults

Kiya still appears in minor roles in some very ancient polytheistic cults, although her roles have largely been merged with other deities (predominantly Mallos).

She most commonly appears as a goddess of the dawn and the morning (with particular emphasis on the morning light/sunrise), but also sometimes of kindness (especially to strangers/travellers), positive social interactions and parties. In mythology, Kiya tends to appear as a socialite, often bringing people together and encouraging good relationships between the deities and mortals. She comes across as warm and well-meaning, but lacks magical and political power and frequently has to turn to the other deities for help. She also occasionally appears as a goddess of the hearth, welcoming the lost or weary into her home.

reputation on shaman

Kiya is virtually unknown on Shaman as she died thousands of years before Shaman's creation.

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