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at a glance

  • Patron deity of Palestine.
  • Symbol: orange feather quill.
  • Scribe of the Council of Originals.
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character profile

Name: Khasekhemwy (cars-ee-kem-wee or cars-ee-kem-oo-wee [both Anglicised]; when pronounced properly, the 'kh' should be pronounced like the 'ch' in the Scottish 'loch' or the German 'ich')
Gender: Cisgender male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: Palestinian

  • Identifiable by the colour orange (e.g. when he creates light, it is orange-tinted).
  • Excels at magical theory but struggles more with the practical application of magic. One of the most knowledgeable deities on the theory of magic.
  • Able to perform precise and complicated spells.
Appearance: Khasekhemwy is tall, but his naturally slightly hunched posture makes him look smaller than he is. He is skinny with long, bony fingers and an angular face. He has a habit of tugging at his hands, especially when he's anxious. Khasekhemwy has brown skin, short black hair, a black beard, and darting brown eyes. He typically wears a plain thob (robe).

Looks favourably upon:
  • Academics, especially in the arts and humanities.
  • Anyone with a curious or enquiring mind.
  • Children.
Looks unfavourably upon:
  • Warriors, soldiers and other fighters.
  • People with aggressive personalities or who engage in aggressive careers, e.g. boxer, assassin.
  • Anti-intellectuals.
  • Anyone who engages in pseudo-science.
  • Hippies and nature-lovers.
Personality: Khasekhemwy suffers from moderate to severe anxieties and is very socially anxious in particular. He hates speaking in front of others and gets nervous around people in general. Khasekhemwy is happiest when he is left alone to get on with his work. A keen academic, he loves to learn anything and everything, but prefers to learn through reading rather than doing. He is highly organised, well-read and meticulous. He dislikes nature, animals and being outdoors.

Relationships with other deities:
  • Traditionally got along very well with Aura.
  • Tends to be ignored or forgotten by most of the other deities.


Native language: Arabic (Palestinian)
Native term: sayedy
Epithets: rekh ("the knowledgeable man"), zekhau ("the scribe"), sedjemu ("the hearer, obedient one")

council role

Khasekhemwy is currently serving as the Scribe of the Council of Originals. He is the head of the Divine Scribes organisation.

monotheistic cult

The major cult of Khasekhemwy is focused far less of their beliefs about him and his powers, and far more on what they believe is important to him. As the deity most associated with science and learning and academia, his cult largely groups in massive libraries and universities, with the central "temple" being at the Learning Centre in Qatar, where the Divine Scribes are trained. This is also where Khasekhemwy keeps his office, although he is never interrupted by any cult members, who believe his work is of the utmost importance.

There is little organisation to this cult, and with the exception of the Learning Centre, all other libraries and universities are of equal importance. Those who are most faithful spend their time in research and writing, or otherwise editing the works of others. The goal is to compile all of the information on each of the worlds. In order to facilitate this, the more magically gifted researchers have devised an enchantment that copies everything that is officially added to any one library collection, so that all locations may have access to the information. The collection of information is often referred to as the Library of Khasekhemwy.

As they hold the belief that information and learning will benefit everyone, and should be available to all, all fairies are welcome to use the libraries and universities regardless of affiliation with the cult, and may submit their own works to be reviewed for acceptance into the Library. Additionally, inspired by the digital age and online databanks, the archives of the Learning Centre can be accessed from any remote region by magical request. These magical copies vanish when the reader is finished with them.

role in polytheistic cults

Khasekhemwy usually plays a minor role in polytheistic cults.

He appears most commonly as a god of learning, knowledge and wisdom. Because of his long-standing role as the Scribe of the Council, Khasekhemwy is also strongly associated with languages, writing and administrative work. He is a patron of scribes, writers, academics, white-collar workers, administrators, doctors, teachers and students. He is also associated with magic in general, especially magical theory and the learning of magic.

In mythology, Khasekhemwy tends to appear as an aide or adviser to the other deities. He is rarely present in myths apart from when he is sought out, usually by the other deities when they have a question they can't answer or a problem they can't solve. He is rarely credited or rewarded for his help. Occasionally, Khasekhemwy appears as the aide or companion of Aura, especially when she is engaging in scholarly work. The only other times Khasekhemwy appears in myths is to covertly or quietly assist those seeking knowledge; he may appear as a librarian who guides the hero to the right book, for example, or as a stranger who teaches a valuable lesson.

reputation on shaman

Khasekhemwy is not at the forefront of most Shamanites' minds. He tends to be regarded neutrally or positively, since the little interactions he has had with Shaman have been for Shaman's benefit.

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