Guide to playing Shaman
This newbie guide was originally written by Fennic and later adapted by Aspelta. This should be all the information need to get going, but you can find more detailed information by looking under the Help page!

The World
  • This game is set on a unique planet/world of the same name (Shaman). It was founded as a sanctuary for fairies in 1919 by the deity Aura.
  • Shaman is quite similar to Earth; the grass is still green, the sky is still blue, etc. However, as the planet was created with magic, Shaman doesn't quite follow the same laws of physics and nature as Earth. For example, it would be perfectly reasonable to have a freezing tundra and a burning desert co-existing right next door to one another. Shaman is also home to a variety of unique flora and fauna!
  • If you would like to learn more about the world of Shaman, you can do so by visiting this page.
  • Shaman is still a relatively "new" world, so it can seem pretty backwards compared to Earth. Electricity and other modern power sources don't really exist, but magic can be used to substitute for these things. Technology is also frequently brought in from other worlds. In general, most people are not literate.
  • There is a central government (known as "the Core") of Shaman which is run primarily by the royal family of Shaman, headed by the crowned King or Queen. The current king is Mordred, who is played by Merlin. The government are the ones who make the laws for the land and the rest of society is structured beneath them.
  • Most people live in family groups within their own individual territories, but empires and ambition also exist. By and large, the people of Shaman are fairly peaceful. Most wars and battles occur between fairies and other magical creatures, or when the gods come to Shaman to mess things up.

  • The primary playable species here at Shaman is fairy. Fairies may originate from Earth, where they coexist in secret with humans, or alternate dimension/worlds. You may also join a character that was something (anything!) "else" in another world/dimension, as long as you keep in mind that all characters, regardless of what they were originally, will become a fairy upon entering Shaman.
  • All fairies were created, at the beginning of time, from stardust. Stardust is also the origin of all magic!
  • Earth fairies are able to enter Shaman simply by wishing themselves here, but it is much harder to return home once you've arrived. Oftentimes it would require the assistance of a more powerful character.
  • Player characters are considered ordinary fairies; they will develop wings at level 2 and cannot control "divinity" (pure magic).
  • Aside from the wings and other physical traits that can be earned or bought in-game, fairies appear and often behave very similarly to humans.

The Original Fairies
  • The first twenty (or so) fairies ever created are called "original fairies". They are rather similar, physically, to ordinary fairies, except that they do not possess wings, are immortal, and are able to control pure magic (called "divinity"). These original fairies act as Shaman's gods/deities.
  • Divinity is magic in its purest form and is more or less omnipotence, although what it can be used for depends on the skill of the fairy using it. It can only be harnessed by an original fairy. If an ordinary fairy has divinity, they cannot control it.
  • There are several original fairies that are still alive, these fairies include: Mallos, Gwythr, Lorraine, Allianah, Zed, Khasekhemwy, Rhaegar, Xephyr, and Tsi. Together, these originals form an intergalactic government known as the Council of Originals, whose duties include the creation and enforcement of laws (particularly those that the other gods must obey) and protecting fairykind.
  • Aura (now deceased) was the deity who created the world of Shaman. She is still its most popular deity and has now become the "Guide of the Dead", also known as the "Reaper". She can be called on by mediums and sometimes appears of her own accord in times of trouble.
  • The deities of Shaman are a diverse bunch, just like ordinary fairies! They live amongst and interact with other characters on a regular basis.
  • Originals are often considered to be selfish, arrogant, and fairly inefficient, but each has their own redeeming qualities. There are no good or evil deities; like normal people, each has the potential for good and evil within them. While some originals may be more inclined to assist mortals than others, characters may approach any deity at any time for any reason, but should keep in mind that they may not be all that helpful; their actions depend entirely on their own attitudes and beliefs!
  • It should be noted that there are absolutely no restrictions on a character's personal religion/beliefs/etc. Characters may be agnostic, atheist, Christian, Muslim, etc. etc. or they can choose to follow one of the many fairy religions (you can even make up your own!).

magic, points & levels
  • Because of the magical protection surrounding Shaman, all characters will enter the world as a level one fairy, meaning they will have no wings and will not usually have any magical powers to begin with.
  • Powers are any magical abilities (e.g. water manipulation, telekinesis), while traits are non-magical physical alterations (e.g. horns, scales).
  • A "magical power" or "trait" is defined by a single ability or alteration. So "telepathy" is one ability, and is one power. A character with "Spiderman" powers would have their Spideyness broken down into individual abilities, e.g. (1) Web spinning, (2) Wall crawling, (3) Super strength, (4) Super flexibility. Players have to earn/purchase individual abilities separately.
  • Characters will learn to master their magical powers by progressing through levels; characters move up in levels by earning points. Level rules are relatively loose and open to player interpretation, so have fun and be creative!
  • There are seven ordinary levels that all ordinary fairies will progress through over time. Once characters obtain level seven, they will be send on a quest to find a unique item called a "ren object". The ren object will allow your character to unlock one of eight different level "branches" and three extra levels. You cannot choose your level branch but you can express a preference!
  • Points are used to raise your character's level and can be earned in a variety of ways; points remain with the character who has earned them and cannot be exchanged between characters/players.
  • Unless otherwise notified, players will need to post on the Updates Board in order to claim points and levels for their characters.

  • Doubloons are both in character and out of character currency (shown as a number followed by a dollar sign, example 50$), that can be earned and spent in a variety of ways.
  • Unless otherwise noted, players will need to post on the Updates Board in order to claim Doubloons!
  • Doubloons can be used to purchase permanent powers, traits or familiars for your fairies.
  • Doubloons can also be used to purchase shop items, some of which will grant a temporary form of magic and/or game permissions and controls. Some examples of items you can buy with doubloons include a telepotion, which grants a one-time teleportation use. Handy for plotting!
  • Doubloons are put in a player's bank and may be accessed by any of their characters freely. You can check your Doubloon balance and all "free" items (those items that have been purchased or earned and are not associated with a specific character) by going to OOC > Banks.

  • Ordinary fairies have souls that are naturally split in two; this unique feature is what allows characters to obtain a familiar.
  • Familiars are animal companions to fairies, similar to daemons in the Northern Lights/Golden Compass series.
  • A familiar can converse aloud with any fairy and communicate telepathically with their own fairy. They share their fairy's thoughts and feelings and form an alternate personality to their fairy. The bond between fairy and familiar is exceptionally close.
  • Familiars can be earned in-character through quests or purchased with doubloons from the shop. Familiars which take the form of extinct or mythical creatures cost more than ordinary familiars.
  • Like their partner, familiars develop each time their fairy gains a new magic level.

newbie starter pack
  • When you join Shaman for the first time, you automatically receive a newbie starter pack to get you going.
  • The newbie starter pack consists of 2,000$, 1x Ordinary Familiar item, and 1x Database Glitch item.
  • 2,000$ is enough to purchase at least one magical power or trait, or some different magical items.
  • The Ordinary Familiar item allows you to give the fairy of your choice a familiar which resembles an ordinary animal found on Earth (i.e., not a mythical or extinct one).
  • The Database Glitch item allows you to change the name or sex of your familiar or fairy if you change your mind later!
  • These items can be used at any time - you don't need to spend them all on your first character if you don't want to!
Thanks for reading!

where to go from here...
This guide is enough to get you on your feet, so you can go ahead and join your first character now if you want to! However, if you want more information, you can find it in the Help section or below.


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