The Council of Originals
general information
The Council of Originals was founded in approximately 1350 BC by Aura after one of the most devastating fairy wars in history. The purpose of the Council was two-fold: (1) to protect ordinary fairies from the original fairies, and (2) to promote cohesion between the original fairies. Ordinary fairies are not permitted to join the Council of Originals, while all original fairies are automatically members unless expelled. The Council lays down laws for the original fairies to follow. It is famously indecisive and ineffective.

The Chair is the head of the Council, while all other original fairies act as equal-serving members. Following her disgrace in 990 AD, Aura was removed from her position as Chair of the Council and replaced by Gwythr. Gwythr was subsequently replaced by Tsi after his role in the Shaman civil war was revealed in 2011. The role of the Chair is seen as permanent and it is not an elected position. Each Chair secretly elects a Deputy, or second-in-command, who serves as Chair if the Chair is absent or otherwise unable to undertake duties. In both cases, the chosen Deputy has succeeded the Chair when the Chair was forced to step down from the position.

The Council employees a vast number of ordinary fairies in its sub-organisations: the Divine Scribes, the Alliance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each of these organisations is headed by a member of the Council of Originals.

Members of the Council of Originals
Former members of the Council of Originals

The Star Chamber
general information
Formed shortly after the Council of Originals in 1350 BC, the Star Chamber is the intergalactic court which tries original fairies for breaking the laws of the Council of Originals. Ordinary fairies cannot join the Star Chamber, while original fairies are automatically entitled to a seat on the jury's bench.

The High Judge is the head of the Star Chamber, while all other original fairies act as equal-serving members of the jury. The first High Judge was Gwythr, but he was forced to step down following his disgrace over the Shaman civil war in 2011. Since then, Zed has acted as High Judge. Zed did refuse to preside over the demigod affair in 2017, when Tsi took on the role temporarily, but has since returned to his office.

Members of the Star Chamber
Former members of the Star Chamber

The Divine Scribes
general information
The 'Divine Scribes' are less of an organisation and more of a network of highly qualified, professional people who have studied under Khasekhemwy. Individuals who self-identified as 'Divine Scribes', scholars dedicated to the study of fairy religion, first began to appear in Ancient Egypt before the formation of the Council of Originals. Several hundred years after its formation, the Council decided to create a formal learning centre within Egypt to train the academic and professional fairies who worked for the the deities or deity organisations. Khasekhemwy was placed in charge and has continued to head the Divine Scribes to this day. The learning centre was moved to Palestine with him, and later to Qatar for safety reasons. Today, the 'learning centre' consists of a sprawling university campus hidden from prying human eyes.

Any graduate of Khasekhemwy's university is considered a 'Divine Scribe', and remains networked to other scribes for the rest of their lives. Many members of other deity organisations, such as the Alliance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will qualify as a Divine Scribe first and then side-step into the other organisation; those who don't usually have to undertake some courses at the learning centre. The Divine Scribes are predominantly based on Earth and do not have much of an intergalactic presence, but are starting to spread to other worlds. There is currently no real Divine Scribe presence on Shaman, so fairies on Shaman looking to become a member of the Divine Scribes must use hop loops and the Other Worlds board to complete modules on Earth.

The work of the Divine Scribes is incredibly varied and, within professional and academic careers, the roles are limitless.

Khasekhemy runs the Divine Scribes but rarely meets any of his students. He tends to stay locked away in his office and only meets with those who work immediately under him.

Training within the Divine Scribes is all done by academic courses. There are a number of core modules all students are expected to take, but beyond that they can choose from a wide range of electives. Modules include but are not limited to: Each completed module offers credits. Students have to achieve a certain number of credits in order to be considered a Divine Scribe, but can continue their studies even after they have 'passed'.

Some professions require Divine Scribes to have a certain number of credits and have completed certain individual modules. For example, someone seeking to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be expected to have 120 credits and completed the diplomacy studies and inter-planetary studies modules.

character roles
The roles for a character who has become a Divine Scribe are limitless, but here are a few suggestions:

The Alliance
general information
In ancient times, each of the deities had their own individual unit of bodyguards. Around the time of the formation of the Council of Originals, in approximately 1350 BC, all of those bodyguard units were combined to create one single military organisation, henceforth named 'The Alliance'. The formal duties of the Alliance were never written in stone and the organisation has grown organically over time. It now undertakes predominantly military and intelligence work, with a spy network, a reserve army and personal guards.

The Alliance was originally founded by Rhaegar, but is currently run by Allianah. Allianah is a 'hands on' leader who likes to get actively involved in recruits' training and does her best to meet as many recruits in person as possible.

As the Alliance is an intergalactic organisation, recruits are drafted in voluntarily from a range of worlds. How the Alliance 'looks' varies from world to world. Allianah focuses predominantly on the Earth branch and adopts a relatively laissez-faire attitude towards the other worlds, so many of them have different practices. On Xara, for example, Alliance members can be local police officers. On Shaman, the majority of Alliance members work in the Castle as royal guards. Prospective members can apply directly to the Alliance or transfer from the Divine Scribes; either way, they must undergo physical and psychological testing and then training.

Before training begins, all recruits must undergo physical and psychological testing. The physical testing includes a medical exam and fitness exam, while the psychological testing largely checks for mental stability. After testing, training varies depending on (1) what world the recruit is from and (2) what role they intend to undertake. Military and intelligence recruits undertake different training tailored to suit each role.

On Earth, all recruits have to complete basic academic courses with options for elective modules, covering: Recruits who have transferred from the Divine Scribes will have already completed the academic courses and can begin the next stage of training straight away.

All recruits then undergo an intense survival course which requires them to spend weeks at a time in extreme biomes, such as deserts, rainforests, tundras etc. This is often the stage of training where Allianah takes a personal interest. While on the survival course, recruits will learn basic essential skills useful for both military and intelligence personnel regarding locating and filtering water, hunting, foraging etc.

Finally, recruits return to the Alliance Academy where they began their training to undergo individualised courses and apprenticeships. There, they will learn the skills necessary to undertake their individual roles.

Recruits from other worlds can travel to Earth to undertake the formal Alliance training. However, the majority side-step into the Alliance after qualifying in similar professions in their homeworlds. For example, someone who qualified as a royal guard on Shaman could side-step into the Alliance as an Alliance guard without having to undergo much (if any) re-training.

To apply for the Alliance on Shaman in-character, characters can speak directly to Allianah or to her top subordinate on the planet, Mace. Alternatively, you can have your character added to the Alliance at any time via the updates board.

character roles
You can create any role you like within the Alliance organisation for your character. Here are a few suggestions:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
general information
Like the Alliance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was created at around the time of the formation of the Council of Originals. Informally known as the "diplomatic triad", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts as an umbrella organisation for three different offices: the Office of International Affairs, the Office of Interspecies Affairs, and the Office of Intergalactic Affairs. The Office of Intergalactic Affairs was added several hundred years after the other two, after the deities discovered and began to explore other worlds.

The primary purpose of the Ministry is to keep and promote peace. The Office of International Affairs promotes peace between fairies on Earth; it was originally founded by Gwythr, but was run for a long time by Mallos. Since Mallos resigned over the demigod affair in v13, no formal replacement has been found yet, and his duties have been absorbed by other leading diplomats. The Office of Interspecies Affairs has been run by Lorraine since she founded it and has two main purposes: to promote peace between fairies and non-fairy sentient creatures (such as nymphs, satyrs and centaurs), and to manage non-sentient magical creatures (such as dragons and unicorns). The Office of Intergalactic Affairs is run by Zed, who also holds the top position in the Ministry. The Office of Intergalactic Affairs is concerned with relationships between the Council of Originals and other, non-Earth planets, such as Shaman and Xara.

Anyone wishing to become a diplomat within the Ministry is expected to complete essential training with the Divine Scribes. From there, it is easy to side-step into the Ministry into the role of an apprentice and learn on the job.

character roles
You can create any role you like within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for your character. Here are a few suggestions:

The Lieutenants of Death
general information
The Lieutenants of Death predate any of the deity organisations. Traditionally, the Lieutenants of Death helped the Guide of the Dead to guide dying souls from the Realm of the Living to the Realm of the Dead. The previous Guide, Kelise, obliterated all of her Lieutenants and closed down Angel Academy, where the Lieutenants traditionally trained. Since Aura has become the new Guide of the Dead, she has been attempting to reopen Angel Academy and acquire new Lieutenants.

Lieutenants of Death can be living or dead. Dead fairies can be posted on the Other Worlds board (in the Realm of the Dead), but need assistance from Aura to be able to post on other boards. With help from Aura, living fairies can also cross into the Realm of the Dead, but only to one specific classroom within Angel Academy (Classroom Zero). If they travel beyond this room, they will die.

Since nobody is really sure how the Lieutenants of Death work or precisely what it is they should do, training is haphazard and sketchy. Anyone wishing to become a Lieutenant of Death should speak to Aura and go from there. Aura can be called to the Realm of the Living by a medium.

character roles
At the moment, there is a great deal of freedom with the role of Lieutenant of Death, since it isn't clearly defined. Some suggestions for roles are:

Fairy Churches
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