prompts, catalysts and quests
Tasks and quests are posted on this board for characters to participate in. Various types of prompts can also be requested here.

quests and jobs
Quests, jobs, contests and tasks may be posted here by staff at any time, so check back frequently! Prizes are always issued but vary according to the nature of the quest, job, contest or task. Sometimes the prize is fixed (as with spirit quests); sometimes it is dependent on the quality of your writing (as with deity quests). Details about what players need to do and the types of prizes are given in the quest/task post. Players cannot request these types of prompts but they can participate in them when they are put up by staff.

inspiration prompts
These are ideal for players looking for a muse boost or writing prompt to get them going. Players can request text or image-based prompts to give them something to write about, either as a stand-alone plot post or as part of a thread, at any time. Simply post on this board and indicate that you're looking for an inspiration prompt (ideally in the subject line of your post), with as many or as few details as you like about the kind of prompt/scenario you would like. Any other player (not just staff) can issue prompts to get you going. There is no prize for completing these kind of prompts and players can request as many as they like.

for-prize prompts
Players may request up to two for-prize prompt threads per real life month. To request a for-prize prompt thread, make a post on this board with details about the kind of prize and prompt/scenario/catalyst you are looking for and indicate that this is a for-prize prompt, ideally in the subject line of your post. You could, for example, request: Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be given what you're asked for; you are simply expressing preference.

A staff member will then reply to your post with a prompt for you to complete. When you have completed it, you can request an additional prompt (up to 5 prompts may be given per thread) or choose to end the thread and ask for your prize.

exploration catalysts
As of V14, explorations are being trialled on their own unique system. We welcome your feedback on this!

To embark on an exploration, indicate that you are doing so, ideally in the subject line of your post. Please also include in your post any powers or items your character has which affect the generators. Staff will use the exploration generators to determine how many prompts within the thread you will receive and will then issue what happens on your first prompt. You can then either pay 150$ to skip the prompt or write up a reply. Staff will then reply with the second prompt until you have used up all the prompts you have been allocated for that thread.

Characters can only embark on one exploration at a time and must wait a while after completing each one before starting a new one. Each prompt within an exploration has a duration of 3 days, so if you complete a thread containing 4 prompts, you cannot request a new exploration for 12 days.

The exploration generators offer prizes as well as fun opportunities to contribute towards site lore, but there is also a chance that you could walk away with nothing.