Silver Coast
all coastal and ocean areas
The Silver Cove, the old popular visitor destination, is the picture of pure serenity. Tropical blue water laps against silver-white sand which slowly converts to shimmering colourful shingle closer to the edge of the cliffs. Small rock and sand islands come and go with the tide. It's always warm here, even in the winter. Further along the coastline are Midnight Shores, the Dolphin Lagoon and the royal and pirate docks. Out to sea are numerous islands, including Apeliotes, and a range of underwater areas to explore like the reef.

out to sea
The Santiago, Zed's ship
Skollbrodur, Rhaegar's ship
Windchaser, Graeling's yacht
Loveinden, Bohdi's yacht
royal docks
Sigyn, Eskel's ship
The Ibis, Thoth's ship
Akhet, Thoth's sailboat
The Cerridwen, Henry's ship
Silfrmerr, Elina's sailboat
pirate docks
Creature's Revenge, Ripkar's ship
The Widowmaker, Ewan's ship
Feral, Nephthys' ship

Henry, Privateer, Captain of Cerridwen
Inara, Resident, NPC Pirate Ship
Theon, Resident, Out at Sea
Iodine, Resident, Cerridwen
Ewan, Pirate Lord, The Widowmaker
Dracerdis, Pirate, Drakon
Anaisa, Pirate, Drakon
Badessy, Pirate, Drakon
Marinette, Pirate, Drakon
Ghede, Pirate, Drakon
Henry, Privateer, Captain of Cerridwen
Ewan, Pirate Lord, The Widowmaker
Dracerdis, Pirate Lord
Luke, Shipwright

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