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version twelve: opulence
The ancient creature defeated, magic restored, the council returned to its own planet - could this be happy ever after at last, or just the lull before the storm?

Free of meddlesome ancient and divine beings, the people of Shaman have a rare opportunity to rebuild and enjoy their lives. Slowly but surely, each individual's magical powers are finding their rightful owner once again. The telepathic link between fairy and familiar has reopened, and the rune stones are now powerless relics. As if to celebrate their success, the remnants of Aura's protective magical enchantments now decorate the landscape in the form of small, glowing globules, bestowing blessings upon anything or anyone they touch. The remnants have cleaned and swelled water supplies, sped the growth of crops, and helped the wildlife and livestock populations to boom. Individuals who touch them find themselves subject to small favours: good health, feel-good vibes, and satiated hunger, to name but a few.

We all know, of course, that it won't last. Happiness on Shaman never does. But in this time of growth and tranquillity, enjoy it, while you can.

in-game information
Year: 44
Season: Winter
King: Arthur
Lord Vizier: --

Season change: 31st July

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about shaman
what is a roleplaying game?
This is an interactive literary-based roleplaying game (RPG) meaning that you create a character and then write "posts" for that character. In your posts, you may describe what your character looks like, where they are and what they're thinking, feeling, sensing and doing. Other people will reply to your posts with characters of their own, enabling you to interact with writers from all over the world.

On this game, you can write in the character of fairies (magical people) and their familiars (a part of your fairy's soul in the form of an animal, which can communicate telepathically with your fairy). If that doesn't appeal to you, why don't you check out our sister sites, a collection of affiliates which allow you to play in the character of humans, horses, wolves, dogs, dragons and much more.

game overview
Shaman is a fantasy humanoid literary roleplaying game which welcomes players of all ages, abilities and experience. Based on a new world far from human civilisation designed to safe-guard the magical folk against human persecution, the land of Shaman is, for some, a haven. Fairies, faeries, faes, sprites, pixies, witches, shamans, elves, mages and prophets are all names that humans gave to a species which is one and the same: us. Fairies. People, just like they are, except that they can't see that.

But Shaman is not always the sanctuary it was intended to be. Faced with political corruption, rising empires, conflicting deities, maniacal dictators and quests for magic, the "Fair Folk" sometimes have a hard time justifying their name.

top tip
Meet BJ. BJ knows almost everything there is to know about Shaman, and he's more than willing to share his knowledge with other players - old or new! If ever you don't understand something or want help, search the page to see if BJ is there to help. If you spot him, click on him and he'll give you all the information relevant to that page. Failing that, you can always check out the help section under OOC or post on the Chat board to ask an experienced player to answer your questions.

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why join?
» Shaman has been actively running for over 5 years (since March 14th 2009) without closure and with no intention to close any time soon.
» You have the opportunity to advance in many different ways - gaining powers, raising your level, obtaining political power and creating empires being but a few.
» Shaman is a constantly progressing story with a fantastic, original plot. There is always something going on.
» We have a friendly, active community with no cliques, drama or pressure to post.
» We want to help you improve as a writer, so we provide lots of writing assistance and character development opportunities.
» You have a say in how the game runs, no matter how long you've been here or what your role is.
» This is not an elite community which only takes the best - we don't kick you out for being "not good enough" or "not active enough." You're free to come and go as you please and write to the standard you want.
» What are we really about? Having fun. Everybody here is here to have a good time. That's the point of roleplaying, right?

still not sure?
If you're still not sure whether or not to join, you can meet existing members by posting on the Chat board. They'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, if you've never roleplayed humanoid-type characters before, you may want to trial it to see if it's for you - in that case, we recommend you post in the Starground. This is a "free for all" board which anyone (member or not) can post any character in. You can try out your character idea there and interact with existing characters on the game to see if Shaman suits you.

In February/March 2012 we asked members the following question: "if you could say anything to someone considering joining Shaman, what would it be?" To read the messages from existing members to you, click here.

getting started
All parts of the site can be accessed from the navi-bar at the top of the page and in the bottom right-hand corner. If you're interested in learning more about Shaman or in joining a character, click the Adhere link for basic information, rules and a link to the joining board. The Adventure and Reside links take you to a list of in-character boards you can play on. OOC stands for "Out of Character"; clicking this link will take you to the boards where players can interact with each other. The Help link has lots of information and resources for general writing and for Shaman specifically. Clicking on Home will take you back to this page.

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