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If you can't find the information you need here, try checking the "Adhere" section or asking another player on the chat board. If you need to contact a member of staff, please use the information provided here.

game information and resources
Additional information to help enhance gameplay and some resources.

frequently asked questions
ancient language
read and write hieroglyphs

ancient phrases
useful words/phrases in ancient language
shaman-unique words

pregnancy guide
pregnancy and childbirth info
power list
magical power ideas

flaws list
character flaw ideas
staff resources
email login & randomisers

copyrights guide
image copyright info
character layouts
html layout guide

territory frames
premade territory layouts
player timezones

deleted content
links to old pages and boards
animal database
inspiration for familiars

the writing centre
The information and resources in this section are focused on helping you improve your writing.

improving your writing
some tips on being a better writer

word counter
check your word count
character archives
store character info

common writing errors
a writing reference guide
creating unique characters
a guide for character creation

writing prompts
find something to write about
character development sheet
examine your character fully

external resources
Some useful links from around the web. These all open in a new window.

funky chickens
html help

create and share characters
embla's tutorials
how-to html layouts

colour palette generator
quality image host

check your spelling
fantasy name generator

behind the name
etymology of names
art resources

stock images

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